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My Favorite Things

There are tons of My Favorite Things in my spare time. Like most of us, though, I suffer from the I-don't have-enough-free-time-to-do-all-this-stuff syndrome. In the end, the things that take the least time to do, and the things that I can do while I do other stuff, are the ones I do most often. That means working on a computer every day (in excess of 12 hours every day), and doing legal research and drafting documents.

Computers have been a part of my practice ever since I can remember. But, I remember when the IBM selectric typewriter was the word processor of the day. Why, I even remember when the non-electric typrewriters ruled the roost! From the floppy disk drive, to the 10 mb hard-drive that I would never to use up, to the 450 gb I require now. Wow, how things have changed!

So, what else do I do in my spare time, oh, my dogs. My grandmother who passed away at 102 left me her 10 year old 75lb. lab retriever. "Midnight" has been a real joy. Then one day a stray pup showed up at my house and stayed on the outside of the gate trying to play with "Midgnight". "Dash" is now 1 year old, 70 lbs., and a breed I knew nothing about called "Thai Ridgeback". I enjoy walking them or should I say they enjoy pulling me.

I am a political junkie. So, between MSNBC, CNN and some FOX news, I try to stay abreast of the political pulse. Sure would be nice if we could listen more and shout less, be apart of the solution and not apart of the problem. No more soap box. I spend so much time in my car between court appearances and long drives home that I really enjoy my MUSIC. It is an essential supplement to my daily routine, it complements my mood, my feelings, my emotions, it lets me express myself no matter what my state of mind is. And that is why I listen to almost every kind of music out there, from the gentlest classical pieces to the glory days of the Woodstock Festival groups, yes Hendrix, Crosby, Stills, Nash to the British groups like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and the Stones, from jazz to motown, Miracles, Four Tops and the Temptations, and from Merinque to Mariachi, yes, I am a real baby boomer.

When I was young I played my music loud. Now I realize how annoying I was when I pulled in for gas and my volume was on blast. Sorry to all I annoyed in my younger days. Well, payback is ---, now I get it from my son coming from his room. Oh well, what comes around goes around.

Cars used to be a real hobby for me. I didn't just like to have them and drive around in them, I liked to work on them, too. It's one thing, to drive in a cool car, but it's a totally different experience, when that car is mobile because YOU MADE IT SO. Well now, I just settle for mileage rather than cool.

When you drive on average 70 miles a day, its the mileage that matters.

I love boating. I used to be an avid water skier. Lake Mead, Lake Powell, wow great water, warm water and the scenery of dreams. I learned to ski when I was 8, well that was over .................years ago.

My biggest thrill was teaching others how to boat and how to ski. I love to go places. I like to move around. I like exploring areas I've never been to before, and I like to go back to places I've visited already. It's so much fun, going somewhere where you haven't yet set foot, but only read about. Sometimes things are disappointing, other times you're overwhelmed by what you see. Breathtaking sceneries, amazing buildings, wonderful people... all waiting to be discovered by YOU!

So... what else is there that I like doing?... Taking pictures. Anywhere I go, I take my camera along. You just don't know what you'll be able to capture with a bit of luck (in my case, badly needed) and a bit of skill (what skill??). Image is almost as important to me as sound. Since this is the sense humans have developed the most, it's no surprise that imagery and the art of conveying information is so important in our everyday lives. I also believe in striving toward happiness and living our lives to the fullest. That is why I try to share my happiness with others, and I try to do that through, among other things, sharing all those good things that happened - saved on film. Happiness is life. Life is happiness. You just gotta change your view of the world, and you'll notice that there's some good in everything that happens.

I saved the best for last, my biggest joy comes from the time I spend with my family, my wife, 2 adult children, my mother, father, sister and brothers.

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