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          Car accidents are one of the most frequently occurring types of accidents throughout

the United States, and many people are injured and killed every day. If you are

unfortunate enough to be injured in a car accident, your injuries could range from minor

to severe, depending upon the circumstances of the accident. Those injured in car

accidents typically suffer only minor injuries such as scrapes, bruises, cuts and

whiplash, but others may suffer more serious injuries like brain & spinal cord injuries,

broken bones, limb loss, or paralysis. The most common types of car accidents are:

Backup Accidents, Head-On Collisions, Rear-End Collisions, Rollovers and Side Impact

          Sometimes road conditions and weather conditions can cause car accidents, but a

majority of the time these accidents are caused by driver negligence. Some common

types of driver errors leading to car accidents include: Speeding, Tailgating,

Disregarding traffic signs and signals, Aggressive lane changing, Failure to yield and

Driving while intoxicated.
          If you have been injured in an accident at the fault of another person, such as driver

prone to road rage, there are a number of different claims that may be filed by our office

depending upon the circumstances of the accident and the injuries resulting from the

accident. Claims can be filed for medical expenses, loss of income, defective vehicles,

and uninsured drivers, and your Pasadena personal injury lawyer will help you decide

which type of claim applies to your situation.

          Whether you are a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, our personal injury attorneys can

help you get compensation for the injuries you suffered in a car accident. After

thoroughly examining the circumstances of the crash, your lawyer will determine who or

what is responsible for the accident that caused your injuries and will help you take the

necessary legal actions to hold them liable for damages.